Dentists Often Must Send Patients to Specialists, Like Ortodoncistas.

ortodoncistasIf you want to be healthy, you have to pay attention to all the aspects of health, including your oral health.  To a great extent, your oral health comes down to your oral hygiene, but it would be remiss to say that hygiene is the only factor that determines your oral health.  That is why you still need to see a dentist, every six months, even if you are very diligent about your brushing and flossing habits.  Your dentist checks for new developments that could affect your oral health.  That being said, there are many conditions that your family dentist can do nothing about, which is why they often send patients to specialists, like ortodoncistas.  Ortodoncistas practice in the field of ortodoncia, which regards the alignment of the teeth and jaw.  If you are looking for a good ortodoncia clinic, Mi Sonrisa may be the best choice.

Ortodoncia is often thought of as a field that mainly has to do with a patients cosmetic appearance, but it also has a lot to do with your oral health.  There are several reasons why having alignment issues can lead to other types of oral health problems.  In the short term, the biggest effect of alignment problems is the increased buildup of plaque, in certain areas, in the mouth.  The reason this happens is the fact that the largest and most difficult to remove chunks of plaque typically accumulate in the cracks between teeth.  If a large piece of plaque sits in one spot, for awhile, it can rot away your tooth and form a cavity.  For this reason, people with misaligned teeth tend to have more cavities than those with straighter teeth and similar hygiene habits.  So, in a general sense, you can lower your risk of cavities and, to some extent, periodontal disease, by simply getting your alignment issues corrected, sooner rather than later.  The other way in which ortodoncia relates to your oral health is the fact that alignment issues can create a variety of problems, for you, later in life.  In some situations, jaw alignment problems get so bad that they require oral surgery.  So, to avoid these serious consequences, it is highly advisable that you go to an ortodoncista, if your dentist recommends it.

Other than surgery, there are a few different corrective treatments, for oral alignment issues.  Whether you have a few teeth that or not quite in place or you have a severe over or underbite, a good ortodoncista will be able to help you.  That being said, the exact course of action that is best for you may be wrong for another patient, and vice versa.  So, before you can know anything, for sure, you need to schedule a consultation.  While braces are certainly tried and true, alternatives, such as ortodoncia invisible, also known as Invisalign, are gaining popularity, as well, for obvious reasons.  Much like braces, they force the teeth into their proper place, slowly, over the course of months and months.  On the other hand, they are not noticeable, and they can be easily removed, at will.

In Order to Treat Periodontal Disease, You Will Need to See a Periodontal Dental Specialist.

periodontal dentalWhen it comes to your teeth and gums, the best thing you can do is maintain proper oral hygiene habits.  As you likely already know, the main aspects of proper oral hygiene are brushing and flossing and going to the dentist regularly.  At each of your regular dentist appointments, your dentist thoroughly inspects your teeth and gums, primarily for signs of cavities and periodontal disease.  The cavities can be dealt with, at your dentist’s office, but, in order to treat the periodontal disease, you will need to see a periodontal dental specialist.  Periodontal problems are treated by a dental specialist, known as a periodontist.  Though periodontal disease is one of the most common, it is not the only medical condition that can affect the gums and connective tissue.  That being said, an overwhelmingly large part of what most periodontists do is treat and deal with periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease, unlike some other disorders, is a comprehensive condition, and it has many different stages and degrees of severity.  In its very early stages, there is still a lot you can do, in the way of hygiene, to reduce and possibly reverse the effects of the infection, which is what periodontal disease is.  It is a massive infection of the gum tissue, caused by a presence of too much bacteria.  This, of course, can be caused by improper hygiene.  So, in the initial stages, there is still a chance you can beat it, by stepping up your hygiene regimen.  That being said, no matter what, if you have reason to believe you have periodontal disease, you need to see a periodontist.  They are specialists in periodontal disease and other such conditions, and they can provide you with the help and information that can save your teeth.  After all, complete tooth loss is one of the most final and drastic consequences of severe periodontal disease.  So, if there is even a small chance that you and your periodontist can work together to reverse your periodontal disease, you should definitely do everything you can.  The infection is stoppable, but once you get to the point at which you lose your teeth, the damage has been done, to some extent.

Nevertheless, there are options, even if you do lose all of your teeth, to periodontal disease.  Dentures are one common solution, but in order for artificial teeth to be a viable option, you do need to undergo the periodontal procedure of having dental implants installed.  Dental implants are tiny dental structures that are inserted into the gum tissue that is still intact.  They act as permanent roots for your artificial teeth.  Dental implants are a very beneficial procedure, for those that have lost their teeth, particularly those who lose their teeth to periodontal disease.  Because it is a rather delicate procedure, though, it is important that you go to a highly skilled periodontal specialist.  Find the best periodontal clinic, near you, so you can be certain that you are getting the best level of care, when it comes to your dental implants.

You Can Decide Which Oral Cosmetic Dental Changes You Want Done

Cosmetic dentistry is all about how you look. The focus is to change the appearance of your mouth if is distracting and doesn’t flatter your appearance. It may even detract from your appearance. Many people are not happy because of the look or their teeth, their smile, or both. With all the advancements in cosmetic dentistry, there is almost nothing that can’t be fixed. Some people have had problems with their teeth for more than half their life and then decide they want to change their appearance. It can be very embarrassing to have missing or decayed teeth or chipped teeth. If you have any of these problems, you might want to consider cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic DentistrySome offices will even provide you with a financial payment plan so that you can make monthly payments. They understand that you want to be able to fix your whole smile, not just one tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry trends have changed with the advancement technological advancements. With natural looking tooth-colored dental materials, dentists are now able to use a more conservative approach to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Of course this depends a lot on your specific situation. Cosmetic dentists may also use such technology as lasers in order to perform some procedures necessary for cosmetic treatments in their own offices, without the need for referrals to specialists. This makes it more convenient for patients as well as it helps to reduce the recovery time.

However, some procedures will take a little longer. If you want a full mouth restoration, it can involve a few different procedures. Veneers are perfect for you if you are just wanting to cover up some of the problems with your existing teeth. They are attached to your existing teeth after some of the enamel is taken off to make room for the veneers. The veneers are then positioned to the existing teeth with a permanent glue substance that adheres the veneer permanently to the existing teeth or tooth. The  Dental Veneers are a composite or porcelain laminate that is adhesively bonded to the surface of a tooth to correct and repair chips and cracks. Veneers may also be recommended if you have gaps in your teeth or if your teeth still appear to be stained after teeth whitening. Some people may need complete full mouth reconstruction. Their bite, muscles, teeth and bone structure may need reconstruction in order to provide the cosmetic look and smile that they are looking for. You will love your new smile after your mouth and teeth have been completely restored. You will have more confidence in you smile and others will look at you with admiration as they notice your beautiful teeth. You are so excited to be able to look at others and smile openly knowing that your mouth and smile are beautiful. You wonder why you didn’t have this done a long time ago. For the first time in years, you are actually proud of your beautiful smile.


Helping to halt tooth decay

In the United States today, consumption of sugar is one of the major health concerns of the medical community. While it is becoming clear that a high consumption of sugar can lead to health effects such a type 2 diabetes and other obesity related health issues, there is also cause for concern when it comes to the dental community. For many years now, dentists have been trying to get the word out to their patients about the link or correlation between tooth decay and sugar intake. As the amount of sugar consumption has increased around the country over the last decade, so has the rate of tooth decay and all the accompanying problems that arise from that. Tooth decay causes all types of diseases and infections, and many of them are hard to treat and difficult to reverse.

When sugar mixes with oral bacteria, it results in tooth decay. The sugar can come from any source, a drink or a food or a treat. Regardless of the form the sugar takes when it enters the mouth, it will still mix with the oral bacteria and cause tooth decay to begin. Over the years, as the decay continues and is not addressed, it will begin to cause other diseases and infections that can have a severe and negative impact on the oral health as well as the bodily health. Devaney dentistryCavities in the tooth are created through the tooth decay that is caused by the sugar intake, and it has been scientifically proven that if the sugar intake is lowered then the rates of cavities will lower as well. But as the sugar intake increases, so too does the rate of cavities. When the cavity begins to form, it creates an opening that will hold and host bacteria. The bacteria can cause all manner of problems, from a smelly infection to a more serious gum disease. If the teeth are kept strong and free from cavities, then this can all be avoided. But with the introduction of sugar into the diet and into the mouth, the cavities must be dealt with immediately in order to prevent further problems and decay. If the cavity is filled and the sugar intake is lowered, there is little cause for ongoing concern. But when the cavity is left unattended to, this is when the problems begin to develop and become much more severe.

The addition of fluoride into the city water can be a great help in stemming this process of tooth decay, however only a small amount of fluoride must be introduced as an over use of this can actually cause much more damage to the teeth than the sugar. There is a fine balance that must be attained with the use of fluoride to counter the negative and harmful effects of increase sugar intake. The best solution is to reduce or eliminate the intake of sugar in the diet. While this may be unlikely, the introduction of small amounts of fluoride can be very helpful to counter the sugar toxicity.

There is more than one way to have your teeth straightened as an adult at the orthodontist

Since you were a teenager a lot has changed in the world of orthodontics.  There used to be pretty much only one kind of teeth straightening device that you could use if you needed to, and those were metal braces.  Because that was the case years ago, many adults today defer from having their mouth assessed because they don’t want to be seen in braces, but so many more options have popped up that allow adults to subtly and less painfully straighten their teeth.braces

Obviously metal braces are still around and they are still just as effective.  Many people do still opt to have traditional braces because they are less expensive and produce the same results.  Plus if you really want to be a kid again, you can add different colors every time you have them tightened.  This form of teeth alignment has been tried and tested so you know that it will work for you to not only straighten your teeth but to correct other misalignments in your mouth that could be causing bone loss or pain.

One option for adults that shares similarities with traditional metals braces are Incognito braces.  This type of alignment treatment uses the same approach, using metal braces, but they are attached to the back of the teeth rather than the front.  This way your teeth are still being pushed in the right direction but no one will be able to see how.  This treatment can take a little longer but it still produces the same results and you will be happy with your new smile in the end.

A popular alignment treatment among adults is Invisalign, and it has also be known to produce many success stories.  Invisalign uses a series of clear, custom molded mouthpieces that slowly adjust your teeth with each use.  The aligners can be removed at any time, just like a retainer or tooth guard, so that you can still eat and brush your teeth as you always did.  The length of time, of course, varies for each aligner needed as well as the overall time frame for the process.  Invisalign has gained a great deal of credit since it’s launch some years ago, so it remains one of the most common choices because the aligners are pretty difficult to recognize and their results are the same as with conventional braces.

A final option for adults looking to straighten their teeth are clear braces.  These were developed specifically for those past their teenage years who still need some orthodontic adjustments but don’t want to be so obvious about it.  These are also designed much the same as metal braces, but they are made of clear plastic rather than steel so they are far less visible to others.  You can still feel confident that your mouth won’t be full of metal in your family photos.

These are the most commonly offered teeth alignment treatments for adults today, and all of them get you to the same end point: a beautiful and healthy new smile.  So don’t put off your visit with the orthodontist for fear of a metal mouth!

There are some great dentists in the Highlands.

Denver has changed a lot as a community and one of the ways in which it has changed over the years is through the development of its neighborhoods.  One of the neighborhoods to have changed the most is the Highlands neighborhood.  I am actually writing this blog post from the Highlands and I can look out my window right now and see just how much this neighborhood has transformed.  It is not often that you see so many different places changes at the same time as you do in Denver, but many of the various hoods here have changed immensely.  One of the ways that they have changed is through the development of business and neighborhoods.  For many years, the Highlands neighborhood was an older Italian and Chicano neighborhood.  Soon we started to see quite a bit of gentrification, and I write this with no judgment about how the neighborhood used to be or where it is going now, and many of the families that once called the Highlands home started to leave to other areas.  In doing so, many of the business centers throughout the area have started to expand.  More shops, restaurants, and daily needs stores have started to pop up and there have even been a number of dentists in the Highlands.

invisalignThis change is meaningful because it is the mark of a newer Highlands that has a lot more money that what was here previously.  Although many of the multigenerational families that have lived here for a long time have moved out, I think that it is important to maintain their legacy and the history of the community.  We also have to make sure that these individuals can stay if they would like.  That means addressing the property tax issues that are part of a gentrifying neighborhood.  While many of the dentists are now able to do cosmetic surgeries, it is important to also have them perform routine work on the families that may not be able to afford it. A great way to help these families out would be through the development of a community program to allow for them to receive discounted access to different vital services.  In addition to dentists, they could also receive reduced health care costs among other things that I have not yet thought about.

One thing to make sure of, and in this example of dentists, is that the families should be allowed to access some of the cutting edge materials for cheap.  Braces are very expensive for families so one solution could be the development of an agreement to allow for area families to get access to some of the Invisalign braces that are popular today.  Again, all of these things can be discussed by the community at large, but I think it would be a coup to get all of the actors on the same page. I know that I would like that if I was going to move into that part of town in today’s world.


The Difference Between Braces and Invisalign

Problems involving crooked teeth are now much easier to solve. With the latest orthodontic treatments made available, you’ll get your perfect white teeth in no time!

Two of the most popular teeth straightening methods are the braces and invisalign.


the difference

Braces consist of brackets and/or wire and bands. With the constant, gentle pressure, the teeth will move to their proper position over time.


  • The effectiveness of braces has been proven over the years. Even if it will take years for you to wear your braces, the results are guaranteed.
  • Since invisalign can be taken off anytime you want, chances of losing it is greater. But with braces, there’s zero chances of misplacing it because braces are impossible to lose.
  • Braces are cheaper compared to other forms of orthodontic treatment.


  • Braces can be aesthetically unattractive. They are very noticeable and can affect your physical appearance. This can result to embarrassment for some teens and adults who are conscious about how they look.
  • Braces are painful. When you have it installed for the first time, you’ll have difficulty in eating because of the excruciating pain. Some patients would even experience fever. The pressure of the poking wires, scraping brackets and the pressure adjustment can last an average of ten weeks.
  • Braces can give you a lot of hassle. Patients with braces are given food restrictions and since braces are bound in place, the patient cannot remove it even if he/she has difficulty in eating.

Invisalign are transparent, incremental aligners to adjust teeth.  A mold of the patient’s teeth is taken and scanned to create a computerized model. The computer model then creates different stages between the current and the desired teeth position. In each stage will be molds for individual aligners which are made according to the orthodontist’streatment plan.


  • Invisalign are less noticeable compared to braces because they are invisible.
  • Unlike braces, invisalign can be removed whenever you want it to. You can remove it when you have a presentation, when you eat, when you brush and in other cases when you’re not comfortable wearing it.
  • You’ll have lesser appointment with your dentist since you’ll only have to visit every four to six weeks.
  • Invisalign has lesser force compared to braces which means lesser pain for you.
  • With invisalign, you won’t have food restrictions.


  • The effectiveness of invisalign is dependent on the patient’s willingness and discipline in wearing it.
  • It is more expensive compared to other forms of orthodontic treatment.
  • There’s greater chance of misplacing it since you can remove it anytime you want.
  • If not cleaned properly, food particles can be trapped in the aligner which can result to cavities.

Both methods have its own advantage and disadvantage and it is up to you to decide which method will work best for you. Thus, it is advised that you visit a doctor that offers both braces and invisalign treatment so they can recommend what method is best for you.

Garrett Smiles is one of the clinics that provide both treatments. You can schedule for a free consultation which would include feedback and diagnosis from Dr. Justin or Steve Garrett, complimentary X-rays, a tour in the office, a warm welcome, and a cup of great coffee. After the comprehensive exam of your teeth, gums, jaw bones and joints, Dr. Garrett will discuss about the findings and the recommended treatment, how long the treatment will take and the fees involved.

This is will be a great opportunity and a great start for you to have your perfect teeth!

Start your kids off on the right foot with a family

Having a family dentist often times make kids feel more welcome than having separate dentist for kids and parents. But being able to have a family dentist who can help each member of the family you get your children start on the path of seeing you keep up good health habits and they too will pattern themselves after you. By going to a family dentist and having regular checkups in which they are able to see how you take care of your teeth and they want to follow suit. Setting a good example for your kids and how they are with their dentistry health needs help them to continue on to have regular healthy habits. Often times kids will continue to go to the same dentist even after to be able to keep up the same great traditions of good health and good dentistry. You will be able to teach them something lifelong they will last them forever. You can have good health habits passed on from generation to generation as you set the example for good health habits. Bring your kids to your family dentist and they will become comfortable there and they’ll continue to have their teeth cleaned regularly as they need to and have all the things done as needed. One important part about being able to go to a family dentist is making sure that regular clean up some checkups are happening. If you want to hang onto your teeth longer than regular checkups will keep you hanging onto those teeth.

But being able to have a dentist that you and your kids can go to being able to have a family dentistry you’re going to be able to set up visits on a regular basis something that is comfortable to you your children and your entire family. dental implantsBy being able to set up these good healthy habits will help to keep you on the path to keep your teeth longer is well with your kids. But being able to have regular pattern visits to the dentist and checkups you get a much higher success rate on being able to keep entertained teeth longer. This means a great deal of difference for your overall health and benefits when you keep good health habits with your teeth. Many things have been proven to benefit beyond just your teeth when you keep regular cleanup checkups in good brushing habits.

Being able to have these types of good habits leads to good habits elsewhere. The fact of taking pride in your teeth will continue through other aspects of your life and can continue and other aspects of your children’s lives as well. Having the right dentistry health also means having good health overall. Keeping up with good health habits will continue your kids with good health habits as they learn from your example. Start off your kids on the right foot with the family dentist who will be able to take care of not just you but your kids as well. This will begin the gray habits of health as you need when you need to good health habits visit refresh dental to get to you and your family on the right path.


It used to be that if you had problems with your teeth and you were lucky, your parents would have them fixed for you when you were young. The whole idea of teen braces is almost part of our mental image of youth. However, braces used to be much more expensive than they are today and not all of us could afford to have orthodontic work done when we were young. So today, more than ever, adults are getting more and more orthodontic work done. What is causing this jump in adult orthodontics? Besides the fact that the cost is becoming more and more accessible for the Average American, people are starting to let go of their association with braces and youth and just starting to look at braces as a way to correct a person’s teeth, no matter what age.

Last year, the American society of orthodontist stated that over 370 thousand people over the age of 21 were in some stage of orthodontic treatment. That is a huge increase from 2010 when the number was less than 100 thousand individuals. We live in a world of cosmetic treatments and adult braces are on the rise. Adult braces have become so popular in fact, that they are even being looked at as just another form of self-expression in style. The range of colors that you can have in your braces allows people to enjoy the ability to change the look of their smile from time to time, a luxury that non-brace wearers are not permitted. There are plenty of models working in the fashion industry that still have braces or that have only recently had braces placed on their teeth. Some people just like the way braces look.

Adult braces are also on the rise since there are many options available for people who do not want the world to know they are having their teeth straightened. Orthodontists offer a new method where they fasten the braces to the backs of the patient’s teeth, making the dental work almost invisible to others. The treatment has the same level of effectiveness but for those who are not fans of braces, they can keep what goes on in their mouths a secret from the rest. There are also Invisalign braces that are clear, plastic mold people wear like a mouth guard but completely invisible to the eye. This option is even more appealing to many since the mold fits snuggly over the teeth and there is less discomfort to the inside of the mouth, such as can be caused by traditional braces.

So if you have been thinking about getting braces but have been telling yourself that you are just too old for them, think again, you are not. You might choose to do as tens of thousands of adults have done and just get traditional style braces put on, or you might decide on one of the many invisible solutions to correct your teeth, either way you will be glad you stopped putting off taking that step to having a better smile.

What are a dentist’s responsibilities? often forget the many and varied tasks of a dentist during the course of their practice. My dental experience has been very mundane, as I have no major dental problems and having only experienced orthodontic work while growing up. I have never had to deal with issues relating to dental implants, bridges, and other more intense dental work. Let’s face it; the worst most of us have had to deal with is a root canal. Other than that, we end up with relatively easy lives in the dental world. We see our dentists at the end of our appointments as they do a once over after the dental hygienist has dealt with the gross part of cleaning out our mouths in the first place. And then they move on to work on another patient. With this kind of a relationship, I often forget just has difficult a dentist’s work can be. They are, after all, medical professionals who work through many different and difficult hurdles during the course of their career. While most dentists do not meet with  death in their everyday practice, they still carry our difficult procedures and work to keep patients happy and healthy, just like any other doctor. Dentists serve an important function in our medical world, and it is important that we all understand and respect the work that they do.

First, dentists and all doctors do not go to school and then rest on their laurels for the rest of their careers as they serve their patients. The advances that occur in medicine seem so quick that they are impossible to keep up with sometimes, so if doctors of all kinds were allowed to simply continue along in their careers without attending extra lectures and practicing new methods, our medical world and our ability to treat disease of any kind would be severely limited. This is why it is so critical to continue education and why in the field of adult dental care, dentists must continue their education and accumulate education hours in their career lifetimes. After all, no one wants to be treated by a doctor who is out of touch with the latest trends in the field and may end up prescribing a course of action that really is not the most advanced or best for the patient.

Second, dentists have to keep up with all these new trends because they perform a number of surgeries as a dentist. Most dental and oral treatments can be carried out by a dentist, though some need to be performed by a periodontist or orthodontist. The treatments range from restorative to orthodontic to periodontal. Many dentists can perform more specialized surgeries, but some treatments are so specialized that it is important to refer a patient to a more specialized practice. However, all doctors practice restorative treatments like crowns, dental restorations, bridges, and other kinds of restorative surgeries. Dentists can prescribe medications as well, such as antibiotics, fluorides, pain killers, anesthetics, sedatives, and other medication that is important for the treatment at hand!

I like visiting my periodontist


Last week I was talking with a good friend of mine about the different levels of anxiety that we both feel when visiting a physician or dentist. It’s funny because in social situations I am way more reserved and quiet but in a clinical setting I feel completely comfortable owning my health and asking questions when necessary. It’s just my way of being more proactive than passive. For me, being proactive about my health me staying on top of things and dealing with the situation at the first sign of imperfection before I would need dental implants. I used to be the type of person that would wait around until situation got really bad but I learned my lesson after a small hairline fracture in my leg turned into a broken femur. These days when a professional such as a doctor tells me that I should see a specialist I listen and take immediate action. Going to a periodontist might have seemed weird at first because I was not familiar with them but the general idea is not too scary. What I like about periodontal associates is that they seem more like friends then doctors. While I know they are highly capable to do their job in a high-capacity I was also shocked to see that they do so by being extremely friendly and compassionate. They answered all of my questions and spent a lot of time talking to me about my procedure and what I can expect. As someone who works in healthcare field I truly appreciate this level of communication because it is always nice to know what is coming next.

Here is what you can expect when you’re a patient of the Periodontal Associates. When you make your initial call to do some info gathering they will kindly ask for your mailing address so they can send you information on their office. This information has a packet that will answer all of your frequently asked questions about periodontal dental work and it will also have plenty of paperwork for you to fill out. This paperwork it is stuff like your medical history and personal contact information, typical doctors office stuff. I like that I could fill out these forms in the comfort of my own home though. I like that I could fill these things out in the comfort of my own home though, it sure beats sitting around a waiting room!
On the day of my visit I showed up at 11:15 for an 1130 appointment. Because all my paperwork was already filled out simply handed to the receptionist and walked on back to meet with my. Artist. We had another brief overview about why periodontal dental health is so important and then he took x-rays. I guess the first thing I want to look forest make sure you do not have any cancerous cells in your mouth before they administer any drugs or start any procedures. Thankfully I was all clean and we got underway.
Before long I was done with the procedure and the doctor determined from x-rays that I did have a small infection. He made some local injections at the site and prescribed me antibiotics to take. After just a week of the antibiotics and another follow-up appointment I was all clear and back to full dental health.

Five good reasons to see the orthodontist

There are many good reasons to see the orthodontist and if you go throughout your life without seeing an orthodontist today you may have been a lucky one. The fact of the matter is most of us need to be able to see an orthodontist and there are many great reasons in which to do so. Here are just five great examples of what visiting the orthodontist can do for you.

1.  Wisdom teeth. Chances are that you are going to need your wisdom teeth out. bracesMany people in today’s society as things change and the way we eat is changing many people are not in need of their wisdom teeth anymore. Many people are also having problems with her wisdom teeth and being able to go to your orthodontist can help you get the wisdom teeth out and avoid complications in the future.

2. Braces. Many times as kids we do things to her teeth like sucking on a blanket for instance the can cause problems in the mouth. Being able to use braces and other different types of positive changes for the mouth is being able to help many people. Having a great smile is very important to many people today can really boost your career as well. Being able to have a smile to get set of teeth doesn’t only just affect the way that you perceive yourself but also the people around you.

3. Correct abnormal bite. Going to an orthodontist can help you to correct an abnormal bite which can allow you to eat comfortably.  You can alleviate neck tension headaches by being able to correct an abnormal bye. Many people do not realize that the source of many of the headaches can actually be coming from their teeth and not from other types of problems. Going without having these fixed will leave you with years of headaches intention that can build up overtime.

4.  Slurs or list in your speech. Many people can develop a list causing a speech impediment due to the way that their mouse come together and fit. Being able to adjust these can make a big difference in how your speech is and how it is interpreted. Being able to correct the features in your mouth that are causing the problems will help you to be able to correct these types of issues. You’ll see a good difference in your speech overall and be able to enjoy your new speech

5. Teeth replacement. Being able to replace teeth that may have been damaged due to accident or loss of the teeth or other mouth issues can be corrected. Just because you don’t have a tooth does mean you always have to live that way correct measures can be done to put false teeth in the mouth and able to allow for you to enjoy smile even though you might not have that all the teeth in there. Different options existed different levels of how you want to teach corrected speaking with your orthodontist about the different types of orthodontic measures that can be taken to replace teeth will help you make the right choice.

Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular in recent years.

cosmetic dentistryThere has been some research in recent years that suggests that your smile says a lot more about you than you might think. We know that everyone these days is super shallow and only cares about what you look like, but that is not what we are talking about here. Actually, research has shown that your smile may relay information about your personality. Additionally, we know that someones smile is often the first thing that people will notice about them. The unfortunate reality is that people pass judgements about us based on our appearance and we only ever get one chance to make a first impression. If your smile is something that makes you feel insecure and impacts your self-confidence, look in to cosmetic dentistry procedures to see if there is something there that might work for you. You may be surprised to find how painless and affordable many cosmetic dentistry procedures can be!

Cosmetic dentistry is first and foremost meant to improve the appearance of your smile, however it can have some health benefits as well. Improving the appearance of your smile and teeth can also improve their function. Cosmetic dentistry in a sense can be killing two birds with one stone. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can help to boost the self confidence of patients who feel insecure about their smiles. When someone feels more confident with themselves, they generally report having a higher quality of life. Below is a list of some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures.

1. Veneers

Veneers are made from porcelain and are very thin laminates that are bonded to the front of one’s teeth using a special adhesive. Porcelain veneers are very durable and are designed to be resistant to future stains. Veneers are custom designed for each individual patient in order to create a cohesive smile. Veneers are most commonly used for patients who want to close minor gaps in their teeth, conceal stained teeth, obtain a more cohesive look or desirable shape for their smile, or patients who are just looking to improve the appearance on their smile overall.

2. Whitening or bleaching

Teeth whitening or bleaching has been around for many years. Nowadays there are teeth whitening remedies that you can buy at the grocery store, but for severely stained teeth or for patients who want faster results, choosing a teeth whitening system through your dentist’s office is likely the best option. Most dentists provide both in and out of house whitening systems that involve saturating your teeth with a special whitening solution in order to get rid of stains and discoloring of the teeth.

3. Dental implants

Dental implants are a very popular dental procedure that can fall in the cosmetic or practical dental category. Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Implants are permanent and fixed utilizing the patient’s jaw bone for structural support. They are durable and maintain the appearance of natural teeth.

If you are looking to boost your confidence by improving the appearance of your smile, call your local cosmetic dentist office today!

Do not avoid the dentist when you know a pediatric dentist

Maybe you have heard some of the horror stories that sometimes come along with avoiding going to the dental office. Unfortunately all kinds of bad things can happen to your teeth and your mouth when not properly taking care of your teeth. Going and getting regular checkups for your mouth is an important part of anybody’s lives today. Being able to take your kids and will help them to begin on the right foot of taking care of their teeth and property management giving them brushed and knowing that may need to always do everything if they can to keep them clean.

Recently we were able to go to our kids dentist and he taught them about sugar bugs that live in their mouths. Because of the way that he talked them they always want to Brush their teeth to get the sugar bugs out. So the bugs do not eat your teeth. By teaching them in this clever way they have always wanted to make sure that they brushed their teeth before they went to bed and when they get up in the mornings. They have the job of keeping up with brushing their teeth because of lessons taught by the dentist. As time goes on we going to adults and we sometimes lose the great patterns that we set for By being able to keep them for been on brushing will help them develop the patterns rather lives. Breaking away from this can cause massive problems to your teeth. Horror stories begin at the stage when brushing teeth stops. I being able to keep up with frequent visits to the dental office in the yearly checkup you’ll be able to avoid these major problems that can occur. Having gone through a process myself of avoiding going to the dentist for many years I realize the importance of getting those yearly checkups. Even though you may think you brush your teeth enough or floss them enough it can sometimes sneak up on you with a cavity that may have not caused a lot of problems for you to begin with a major problem in the end. You can lose your teeth because gum disease and other different types of bad things can develop within the mouth when you do not properly take care of it.

Being able to recognize these things right away are done by the dentist said a yearly checkup. I being able to see the dentist and I really checkup you ensure you not go too long without having in a trivia teeth to know if there are problems occurring. Going to long without seeing a dentist can lead to big problems with in the mail. Starting a good pattern in your childhood with the kids dentist and moving on in your adulthood and taking part in family dentistry for your whole family will ensure that everybody continues with good health with a tease. Always visit the dentist and ensure that they are getting you cleanings and checkups as you need. You’ll be able to have your teeth and keep them disease-free much longer.

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Veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure.

cosmetic dentistryThe field of cosmetic dentistry has seen a rise in popularity over the past decade due to increased accessibility of procedures to patients and doctors alike. As technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, medical procedures have become less expensive for patients and doctors. Cosmetic dentistry has seen many technological advances in recent years and has broadened its range of services and accessibility to patients. At Levin Family Dental in Denver, Colorado, Doctors Levin and Derse employ an expert team that specializes in both cosmetic and general dentistry. They understand how important an attractive smile can be for a person’s self confidence and they want to make your dental needs as easy and pain free as possible. Levin Family Dental sets the standards for dental care very high and focus on quality and care as the main attributes of the practice. If you feel self-conscious about your smile, call Levin Family Dental today to discuss your many options for cosmetic dentistry.

Levin Family Dental is focused on the comfort of their patients for any dental procedure. They understand that going to the dentist can make some people feel uncomfortable and they are hoping to eliminate that fear from all of their patients, both young and old. Their practice boasts state-of-the-art technology in order to provide their patients with optimal comfort and quality. In fact, according to one of their patient reviews,  their in house whitening treatment comes with access to a flat screen television in the office where you can watch a movie while you wait for your procedure to be completed. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. This practice is consistently featured as one of the top dental practices in the dental area and continually receives excellent reviews from their patients. Below is a list of two of the most popular dental procedures that are provided by Levin Family Dental.

1. Same Day Crowns

Dental crowns are used to create a protective barrier over a damaged tooth in order to eliminate any further damage. Generally a dental crown procedure can take up to two visits before it can be completed. This means more money and time for both the patient and the doctor. At Levin Family Dental their state-of-the-art CEREC machine is able to generate a custom-fitted porcelain crown quickly so that the patient can be diagnosed and treated in one visit to the doctor’s office. In addition to being cost and time effective, the CEREC machine is able to great porcelain crowns that are stronger than those produced in any other way, which means less maintenance for you.

2. Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a broad field, but one that Levin Family Dental specializes in. There are many different procedures that fall under the cosmetic dentistry umbrella, including veneers, crowns, dental implants, and teeth whitening and bleaching. Levin Family Dental understands how important the appearance of your smile is and they want to help you to achieve the highest self-confidence. All of their cosmetic dental procedures utilize state-of-the-art technology.

Advances in oral health include cosmetic dentistry

With all of the advances in medical technology over the past century or so, there have been some advances that are seen as purely selfish, such as plastic surgery. However, cosmetic surgery was developed as a way to help treat burn victims or children born with club feet, for example. It is used to help support breast cancer sufferers, some of whom like to have the option of reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. Not everyone wants or needs plastic surgery, but it can be a way of helping many people live normal lives who otherwise might suffer for a variety of reasons or complications. Along with advances in medical technology that have had a positive impact on physical health come advances in technology that have had a significant impact on oral health as well.

The industry of cosmetic dentistry has come a long way over the past few decades. With the development of nearly invisible braces such as Invisalign and a variety of other treatments, such as crowns, root canals, and other fillings that can be done with almost no trace, people are living more comfortably than ever and showing little signs of having had any procedures done. This makes a difference for millions who struggle with the impact on their self esteem that comes from having a mouth full of metal braces, and for those who struggle with functional problems such as an overbite or under-bite. There are many reconstructive procedures today that can help with those issues, and a cosmetic dentist can help you out with many of these problems.

By choosing Invisalign, a person can get their crooked or overcrowded teeth corrected with minimalfamily dentist invasion or adjustments to their appearance. A cosmetic dentist can also fix problems such as an overbite that require more work but can have flawless results. Re-setting a jaw that has an overbite can take weeks to heal and be a painful process, but the technology is getting better every day and recovery times are getting faster. Results are also better – more flawless and more functionality. A good cosmetic dentist will make you and your mouth look like you have not had any dental work done whatsoever.

The staff and doctors at Willow Creek Dental provide these very services to clients of almost any age. They can help you determine what is needed, what is appropriate given other health concerns or needs, and can help you budget as needed for any procedure, including billing your insurer when appropriate. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and accepting new patients all the time. They offer flexibility in scheduling appointments and are always able to fit a client into their schedule in the case of an emergency. Using them for you and your family’s cosmetic dentistry needs will ensure that you receive the best oral health care possible from a team of experienced professionals. Besides just the great care, their enthusiasm and great customer service will make you want to come back over and over again, which is good since teeth need regular cleanings!


Tips to keep your smile beautiful

We have all been taught from childhood on all of the ways that we should be taking care of our teeth and gums but still despite all of the constant reminders there are always a few things that many of us neglect to do. While it is going to take even more constant reminders to get someone to change habits that have formed over years or even decades, here is one more reminder of a number of steps that have been recommended by professional family dentists and the American Dental Association to help you keep your smile not only looking at bright and beautiful as possible but also as healthy as possible.invisalign

  • Brush your teeth every day, better yet, twice a day – This is really probably the one thing that we have been told over and over again in life. Still a lot of people forget or more commonly, do not brush there teeth in the right way and only pay attention to the front teeth that they can see. Do not forget to brush all around your teeth and gums.
  • Floss daily- I am sure this is the one thing that people neglect the most often or even do incorrectly. Do not violently floss which can result in gum damage. Basic rule, if your gums are bleeding when you floss you are doing it wrong. Be gentle and only get between the teeth, do not jam the floss into your gums.
  • Cut down on sugar- In America in particular we eat way too much sugar and it can really take a toll on our teeth. Sugar is in a lot of things that you would not even expect so it is important to look at what you are eating and eat smart.
  • Cut out smoking- I know every smoker knows they should probably not smoke but just be aware that as a smoker you have a lot more to do in order to keep your mouth healthy.
  • Don’t forget your annual visit to the dentist office. Going every year to your family dentist like Hilltop Dentists can help keep your mouth clean and healthy as well as make sure that no problems develop without you being aware of it. A lot of the time by the time we realize that we are having problems with our teeth and gums the problem has already gone quite far. By going to the dentists office every year you can catch problems early before they develop into serious problems.

If you follow these tips hopefully you can have a lifetime full of dental health. Your dental health is an important piece in your overall health so it is important to keep everything clean and beautiful. If you ever notice that something is weird or painful, make an appointment as quickly as possible with your family dentist and get it checked out, it could save you a lot of pain and money in the future.

Dental Implants Can Give You a Beautiful Smile

Oral care is very important in all of our lives. The mouth is the where a lot of infections and bacteria get into our bodies. If we keep our mouth and teeth clean and cared for, we can prevent a lot of problems. The dental office can help with dental care and prevention so that we know the best way to care for our mouths and teeth to prevent dental problems. Prevention is always the best way to teach our children from the time they are young. Proper brushing and flossing from the time they are young and regular dental appointments are vital for healthy oral care. Most problems can be prevented with proper dental care. However, regular dental appointments are necessary to make sure that any problems are taken care of before they get bigger and out of hand.

The professional staff at Boulder Implants and Periodontics are there to help with all your oral cosmetic problems. They have state of the art equipment such as an intraoral camera. This camera allows the dental professional to view areas in the mouth that were impossible to see before, thus being able to see potential problems and issues that may arise. The patient is able to view it also. Another tool that they are able to use is a digital x-ray. This allows the dentist to see all the areas in the mouth with precision accuracy. This state of the art equipment also helps with showing insurance companies the dental problems that need to be fixed.

Dental implants are beautiful. They look natural and you cannot tell your own teeth from the implants. They are safe, durable and they will feel natural and like your own teeth. They are permanent and will remain in your mouth. Dental ImplantsYou will care for them like you do your own teeth. No one will know that they are implants. You will look like you have a beautiful mouth and thus make you feel more confident. Everyone that I have ever talked to about their dental implants have been happy that they made the decision to have this done.

Very often people are nervous because of the cost to take care of their dental problems. If there is anything that you can do for yourself, this is something that can make a big difference in your life. Your mouth is what people notice first as we speak and smile. This investment can make all the difference in your life. I have talked to people who have had more opportunities come their way after fixing their dental problems. You can definitely look more professional in the business world if you have a beautiful mouth that you are proud to display. Whether its dental implants or a gum graft or whatever the problem is that is keeping you from a beautiful smile, it’s worth the time and money to fix it. It can completely change your life and give you the confidence you need to succeed in the business world.

Considering Invisalign for a better smile

When I was a kid I had a really bad problem with sucking my thumb and I think that as I got older the habit really started to have an affect on the incoming teeth. Even when my parents and I had thought that I had stopped, sometimes they would come in and check in on me in the middle of the night and there I would be, thumb in mouth. I had no recollection of doing it while I was awake but then all of the sudden as soon as I fell asleep there it was. I know that a lot of kids go through this or something similar but I think that my situation was particularly troublesome because it lasted throughout the process when my adult teeth were coming in and to the point where I was decently old to be doing it.
I am pretty sure that this unconscious habit is what lead me to have braces twice as a young kid. This, however obnoxious, I guess is not really that big of a deal. I am sure my parents were not thrilled about paying for braces twice for me and then twice more for my little sister but well, a lot of kids have to get braces, it is just a thing that happens with kids. The problem with my teeth in particular was thought that no matter how straight we got them with the braces, a year or so after they came off every time my teeth would start to move again right back to where they were pre-braces. This happened even after the last time that I had gotten my braces removed when I was around fifteen or sixteen. By this point I had long given up my night habit of thumb to mouth but it was like by that point my teeth had already picked their preferred spot and did not want to budge from there.

dentistAs a young adult my teeth still do not want to budge much from their deformed placement. It is not terribly bad but it is enough that I am a little bit uncomfortable with my smile. I had thought quite a bit about getting Invisalign to fix my teeth again but I am a little bit apprehensive of spending all of the money for Invisalign only for my teeth to go right back to where they were before. There is no guarantee that this is the way it will go after I stop with the Invisalign but if the history of my teeth has taught me anything it is that the realignment of my teeth is a strong possibility after the Invisalign. I have not checked into exactly how much the Invisalign would be or even if my insurance plan would cover any part of it but if the Invisalign isn’t too expensive it might be worth a shot. Then if my teeth start to try and move around again I can always start wearing the last Invisalign tray again and try to push my teeth back to their desired position.


How to Quickly Find a Family Dentist After You’ve Moved to a New Area

When you move to a new area, the first item on your list usually is not to find a new local dentist.  You certainly can’t be blamed for putting something like that on the back burner with everything else that you have to worry about.  Or even putting it on the far back burner.  But eventually the time will come when you’ll need to get a cleaning, or, God forbid, have a filling replaced or root-canal performed.  Well, there are thousands of perks that come with having access to the internet, this is just one more.  There are plenty of blogs and websites that can help you do your research without wasting too much time, especially if you have a throbbing tooth that needs some attention.

family dentistryMost dentists today have become a little more flexible when it comes to bringing in the whole family for dental checkups.  Some more traditional dentists have drawn the line between adults and children in the past, and some will still force you to take your little ones to those that specialize in child dentistry.  This is becoming more of a thing of the past because today families function much differently than they did just 20 years ago.  Parents work, kids have after-school activities and lessons, and fitting in time for the dentist is never convenient.  There are now a plethora of dentists that offer all kinds of services for all ages in one place.

The services that you should be able to expect at these kinds of family dentistry offices include crowns and bridges, preventative dental health practices, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and tooth-colored fillings, just to name a few.  Experienced hygienists and dentists will know how to calm down or distract a nervous little one during a cleaning, and they will know how and when to treat your child’s teeth differently as they are growing.  Children go through many different stages in oral health, and experienced family dentistry practices will know how to treat each stage. They will also take great care in making sure you get the extra services that you need if a problem arises.  And with that, if your dental insurance does not cover a certain service or procedure, they should offer a 0% payment plan that suits your budget.

Finding a new dentist for your family should not have to be high on your priority list, nor should it be something that’s keeping you up at night with frantic internet and magazine searches.  Chances are that once you find one or two dentistry practices that seem pretty similar in reputation and services provided, you should not have to continue your search any further.  The next task is to make sure that they are accepting new patients, and as long as they are you’re in luck because your search is through.  Just be sure to make sure you get yourself and your family in for their regular cleanings, because preventative measures are much easier to manage than large problems that arise due to neglect or poor oral health care practices.